Night Light – Personalized

Wood letter for the night lights are made of 1/4″ proofgrade plywood. Normally we use the letter for the receiptants first name, the full name is then laser cut from the plywood. Wood dowels are used to join the front and back side of the letter together. Once the letter has been assembled it is then stained or painted and two coats of polyurethane is applied. Once the design is dry, two sets of LED lights are secured to the front and back letter. The lights come with a battery operated on/off switch which is secured to the back letter. All wood materials made and assembled in Panama CIty, Florida, LED lights purchased from supply company in U.S.A.


(W) 10.25″ x (H) 11.5″ x (D) 5″  |  $60

NOTE: If  you plan on placing the night light on a flat surface instead of hanging it on the wall you will need to add base stand for rounded letters (C, G, J, O, Q, S, U) only.

(W) 6″ x (L) 10″ x (H) 3/4″  |  $9

Color Choices

Your choice of stain or paint and semi-gloss polyurethane finish.